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Survivor Network
Against Criminalization

Policing and punishment does not end violence.

Community members exchange a bundle of flowers at a community outreach and healing event, 2019.

Ending State and Interpersonal violence requires an investment in community power that does not rely on the prison industrial complex or policing systems. Every person is deserving of a system that promotes the health, wellness, love of our communities, transformative justice, and community accountability.

We must abolish cages for all people in LA County, and across the world. 

Who We Are

Survivor Network Against Criminalization (SNAC) is a California-based network bringing together survivors of violence, who build and imagine a world without policing, cages, and systems of punishment. 

We support pathways for redemption, ending policing and punishment, and investing in community-based safety. We do this by storytelling, building community through mutual support, driving culture shifts and policy change, and sharing resources.

We speak for ourselves.

We refuse to be used as law enforcement pawns.

We resist the co-opting and erasure of our stories by systems of harm.

We believe we can achieve safety and accountability without punishment.


10-26 IG Live with Alisa Bierria and Mimi Kim

Our inaugural IG Live

..was Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021, and featured our brilliant SNAC members Alisa Bierria of Survived and Punished, and Mimi Kim of Creative Interventions, who discussed shifting survivor narratives.

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